Job's Nursery LLC

Helping Tri-City Gardeners Grow Since 1940!

Job's Nursery LLC is a family owned nursery and tree farm that offers a wide selection of outdoor plants that are hardy for our area. We are located just north of Pasco on Columbia River Road.  It's a short trip to a beautiful location to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Plants of the Week for April 30th


Lavender Twist Redbud is a small weeping tree that can handle full sun to part shade.  These trees flower pink in April along their branches.  They grow to about 8 feet tall and wide, but can be kept smaller with trimming.  After they flower green, heart shaped leaves emerge to cover the tree.  Lavender Twist Redbud works well where Japanese Maples don’t like to grow as a focal point surrounded by perennials and small shrubs.

Purple Fountain Grass is great for height in flower pots as well as in the garden.  Though it doesn’t last through our winters; the show is worth it to replant every year.  They rapidly grow to about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide.  Purple Fountain Grass prefers full sun and plays well with millionbells, petunias, allysums or bidens for flower pots.