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Ever been driving around and found a plant you liked but don’t the name of it?  Or enjoy a plant is in a relatives yard and they don’t know the name of it?  Well if you take a picture of its foliage, over all shape, branches and other notable characteristics (seeds, flowers or fruit).  We can help you get a name for that plant.  A lot of times we can get it to the exact plant variety if we have enough information on it otherwise we can get to its species. So you can get a name on it and add it to your yard!

aphidsFor plants suffering a problem, you can bring us photos, samples in a zip lock bag, and quick notes of when the problem started, how it behaves, as well what has been applied recently to it (sprays, fertilizers, water)  We can help get you a remedy to the problem.  Sometimes its a care technique other times its a problem that needs a product to fix it. We can set you up with the right product and we have staff knowledgable on how to use those products effectively.

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