Job's Nursery LLC

Helping Tri-City Gardeners Grow Since 1940!

Job's Nursery LLC is a family owned nursery and tree farm that offers a wide selection of outdoor plants that are hardy for our area. We are located just north of Pasco on Columbia River Road.  It's a short trip to a beautiful location to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.


Yes! We do deliver! Delivery service is available to customers in the greater Tri-City area.

  • Region 1- Pasco, Kennewick, Richland and West Richland

  • Region 2 -Eltopia, Badger Canyon, Burbank, Benton City and Finely.

  • For areas Beyond the Tri-City Area like Yakima, Walla Walla, Connell, or Prosser, we will gladly provide a quote based on address and travel time.

For Potted Trees and Plants Sized #25 Pot or Smaller

  • Delivery to your driveway or backyard of potted plants.

  • Pick-up Load Deliveries are Region 1: $30.00 Region 2: $35.00

  • Pick-up and 16ft Trailer Load Deliveries are Region 1: $40.00 Region 2: $45.00

  • Deliveries that require 2 people add $10.00 The rule of thumb for this if the tree takes 3 people or a tractor to load. We are sending two people to handle your plant material to keep it happy and our staff healthy.

For Specimen Trees Potted Trees in #30 and larger pots, White Bag, Balled and Burlap (B&B) Trees, as well as larger Bare Root Trees
Due to their size, we prefer to set these in the hole to help you.  From there you back fill, water in and stake.  Generally we bring equipment to handle the bulk of the weight.

  • Trees sized under 5" diameter of trunk, provided the hole is ready Region 1: $85.00 Region 2: $90.00

  • Trees sized over 5" diameter of trunk, provided the hole is ready Region 1: $110.00 Region 2: 120.00

  • Staking of trees is available for 20.00 per tree, includes materials and labor, please inform us at time of selection.

*All  fees based on delivery to one address. Additional fees may apply if special equipment or additional people are needed. Call for details.