Job's Nursery LLC

Helping Tri-City Gardeners Grow Since 1940!

Job's Nursery LLC is a family owned nursery and tree farm that offers a wide selection of outdoor plants that are hardy for our area. We are located just north of Pasco on Columbia River Road.  It's a short trip to a beautiful location to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Perennial Flowers or Ground Covers are non-woody plants that come back each year.  Perennials in the Tri-City area are plants with a cold tolerance of Zone 6 or lower.  Use these plants to add foliage or flower color to a flower bed and mix and match for a summer of complete with color.  Here at Job’s we carry a large selection of different varieties of perennials for shade and sunny spots.

Here is our list of our perennials:
Job’s Nursery Perennial Common Name Quick List
Job’s Nursery Perennial Common Name Detailed List

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