Job's Nursery LLC

Helping Tri-City Gardeners Grow Since 1940!

Job's Nursery LLC is a family owned nursery and tree farm that offers a wide selection of outdoor plants that are hardy for our area. We are located just north of Pasco on Columbia River Road.  It's a short trip to a beautiful location to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Tree Planting and Installation aka Planting

Yes we can plant trees in your yard.  We are a licensed and bonded landscape contractor.  Here are the details.

This is what our service includes bring the Tree(s), prep the planting area, to minimize mess by laying down tarps, digging the hole, amending the soil with compost, back filling, watering the tree in, stake the tree (if needed), fertilizing the tree and cleaning up our mess, so all you have is a new tree to look at! We also guarantee our plantings for the first year.

Contractor's License: JOBSNNL873CL for WA State.

Planting is 80% of the cost of the tree(s), with a cumulative total over $150.00. For tree(s) with a total value under a $150.00 it is double the cost of the tree(s). For landscape beds or hedges (like Arborvitae), we would like to work a quote based on site conditions and services needed.

For us to plant or install your trees, we require information about location of your yard or planting site; you will be asked to fill out a Planting Questionnaire before scheduling. 

Had a tree removed, the stump recently ground out, and want it in the same place? First have the stump ground to 24 inches deep and wide enough to plant a new tree. Then let us know so we can bring extra dirt ($30 per tree) so we can remove the chips and replace that with good dirt.

Remember you are responsible for clearing cars, projects, garden structures, fences, dog poop, debris and other portable obstacles before we come so we can install the tree without delay.

*Any time a purchase for plants and planting is over $1,000 we may want to survey the location before committing to the planting job.  We will call you to set up an appointment for surveying.  *We will not work under unsafe conditions.  If our crew decides working conditions are unsafe to get a plant to a location for planting they will not take it there.  We generally are concerned about moving large plants on steep grades, hills, slopes or next to unsafe walls, but we are sure we could encounter many other unsafe conditions and our crew will refuse to endanger themselves at any time.