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Job's Nursery LLC is a family owned nursery and tree farm that offers a wide selection of outdoor plants that are hardy for our area. We are located just north of Pasco on Columbia River Road.  It's a short trip to a beautiful location to escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

 Transplanting Services

Job’s Nursery LLC is primarily set up to transplant trees from our facility to other locations.  We can transplant some trees in customer yards if the conditions allow for it.

Here are the conditions in which we can move a tree.  We want to maximize it’s chances of success.

Size: We can move trees that have a trunk size up to 5” diameter measured 12 inches off the ground.  To measure a tree use a tape measure to find 12” up from the ground on the trunk and then measuring from trunk edge to trunk edge to get the diameter.

When: Trees need to be moved in their dormant season to haves the highest chance of success.  Most trees are dormant weather depending from December through March. Some trees need to wait Until February to be dormant enough to move.

Access: We will be using equipment to move your tree.  The access we need for our equipment is the same, as the space required as driving a pickup to the tree, maneuver it around the tree and driving the pickup to the tree’s new location for the largest size.  Also utilities and drain fields are not in the trees root zone.  Also the Tree needs to be clear of or able to be maneuvered around overhead obstacles, like other tree, overhead utilities, building, and other structures.

Condition of the tree: Tree move best when they are in good condition, good branching and healthy. 

Generally the trees that we move have had excellent care, are in good health, have sentimental value, can wait to be moved in the right time of year, and are small enough with enough access to move.  (Think of it as transfusing an investment from one location to another).  If conditions are not favorable to transplant the tree it can better to start over with a new tree.

Is the tree in a good healthy condition to transplant and if the tree is a size that can be moved, is it small enough that we can move, with site conditions at your location can we get our equipment to the location and maneuver once we get there.

When we transplant trees figure a 10-12 inch diameter root mass to every 1inch of trunk diameter, or as close to that we can get conditions and root permitting.  Because of the weight of the soil and tree the use of our equipment is required for all trees to be transplanted.

The cost of the transplanting will be demined by; size of tree, difficulty of access, how much root ball and crown correction is needed distance of travel with the tree and materials needed to plant to Job’s Nursery’s planting specifications.

Here are some things we need to know about the tree to make sure it has a good chance of surviving and is worth moving:  Please answer as many questions as you can, and have photo ready to send once we reply to start talking about transplanting the tree and its location.

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Thank you for answering our questions, please allow 1-4 business days for Job’s to reply and have photos ready to send.   Once we have enough information and photos to be sure the tree is able to be transplanted we will make arrangements to inspect the tree in person and review access within 1-3 weeks to get an a quote to you.